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Florida Department of Health in Collier County


          To whom it may concern,

I am honored in having the opportunity to write on behalf of Eldridge Rolle. Eldridge has been with the market since it's inception in 2011 and been an asset to the Farmers Market with his professionalism. He has proven to possess exemplary standards regarding his commitment to the collier county Government Complex Farmers Market and the product he sells.


Eldridge has excellent communication skills, is well organized and has a considerable following of clients. I have had the opportunity to work with Eldridge for the past 2.5 years and he has shown an extraordinary independence and kindness that has been displayed in his work with other people. He is a team player and has often been asked to be the lead at the market in my absence.


He has a positive, is self motivating and demonstrates the ability to master his work while providing a high quality product as a result. I believe Eldridge has worked hard at accomplishing his goals and is looking forward to succeeding in building his business.


It is with great pleasure that i highly recommend Eldridge for his work and dedication to serving the public and supplying fresh quality foods.


Respectfully submitted,


Deborah Chesna

Healthly Communities Program Consultant

Florida Department of Health in Collier County

Florida Gulf Coast University Student Government

          To whom it may concern,


As the Student Government Farmers Market coordinator I work closely with Eldridge Produce at all of our Markets. Eldridge is our main produce vendor who supplies thousands of FGCU students fresh fruits and vegetables for a reasonable bargain price. His participation in our market has  promoted the students consumption of a healthy diet.


Eldridge has always been our most reliable vendor he shows up rain or shine, and is always early to set up markets and help out. His personality is vibrant, kind, and he has increased our markets turn out and built reliable relationships with many students and faculty on campus. His effervescent positive attitude creates a magnet attracting a diverse student population. His availability to provide an array of products lets students who do not have active transportation have easy access to healthy food.


Eldridge Produce strives for excellence and to provide a healthy and happy shopping experience. With the energy Eldridge Produce brings to a market he can lighten up even the coldest cloudiest weather. He is willing and dedicated to us here at FGCU and every market he is a part of.


Please accept this letter of recommendation from our Florida Gulf Coast University student government  as proof of the amazing reliability and quality that Eldridge Produce brings to our community.


Florida Gulf Coast University

Student Government


 Jade Chalkley

Farmers Market Coordinator

Saint Monica's Episcopal Church

          To whom it may concern,


St. Monica's Wednesday Farmers Market is in its seventh year of operation. I have been a volunteer there for the past three years and the manager for the past two. Throughout this time Eldridge has been the backbone of our operation.


Eldridge continually provides a wide variety of fresh produce at an excellent price. For this reason he is the prime source of our repeat customers.


Eldridge is hard working and conscientious about payments. During my tenure he has never missed a day and always pays in advance. He treats his customers with respect and is a gentleman at all times.


I highly recommend Eldridge to operate in your community. I know him to be honest and a truly good man.



Thomas K. Hughes

 Market Manager

Collier County Health Department

          To whom it may concern,


While working at the Collier County Health Department as the Healthy Communities Coordinator, we decided it was important as a campus to increase fruit and vegetable consumption amongst, over 1,500 employees who are employed at the Government Complex. Eldridge's Produce was the first vendor we contacted in order to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to our weekly farmers market. Eldridge and his staff were always prompt, professional and enthusiastic every week and developed a great rapport with local staff, community members and transit riders. The produce was always fresh and the cost was competitive against any local grocer making it affordable for all. His positive attitude and willingness to please his customers has made him successful in Lee and Collier Counties. Eldridge continues to expand his business as new farmers markets are inviting him to become a vendor each and every year.


Eldridge's Produce continues to bring fresh, healthy food from farm to table at an affordable price. This is important for the reason of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption among youth and adults within Collier County. Please accept this letter of recommendation as an example of the great work Eldridge's Produce continues to provide to our community.



Stacy Revay

Project Manager